I've been working with copper for more than 25 years now.  As a Coppersmith, the Trade has taken me to all the four corners of Ireland and the British Isles.  And as my livelihood, coppersmithing has served me well.  You don't need a power-station or any power-tools to fabricate copperware by hand, so the Trade itself has a low impact on the environment and enables one to live creatively and sustainably within the Local economy.

Over time, I honed my craft and in response to different markets and audiences, I produced a wide variety of copperwork.  Hammering with the line of light as my guide, I stretch, shrink, fold and roll sheet-copper into whatever form is required.  In so doing, I came to appreciate the amazing qualities of this durable and endlessly recyclable material.  For example, that Copper is non-magnetic and so doesn't affect the polarity or integrity of the soil if used as tools and in the garden.  And  also, I became aware of the significance of the anti-microbial properties of copper, and then of the beneficial and health-giving aspects of drinking water stored in copper cans.

We're told to drink more water as part of a healthier lifestyle and our awareness and consciousness of water has been raised.  People want to be able to have safe clean uncontaminated drinking water, and copper is preferable to plastic as a container for our water.  There's been growing interest in copper vessels for storing drinking water because of their known protective, therapeutic and anti-bacterial attributes.  As a Coppersmith, you can see my response to this demand on these pages ~ from personal cold water canteens to counter-top fresh water storage cans, and from traditional waterjacks to kitchen-table serving jugs.